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how do you know if you're in love...?because it's kinda scary coming face to face with what you might be feeling
cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus Said:

Wow, that’s an intense question. It’s definitely a hard thing to describe, but I guess it’s one of those things that you suddenly just know. Like one day you are just thinking about them and you enjoy their company and you’re excited to talk to them and it’s all cute and squishy, and then the next day you want to throw up because it’s so intense and you break down in tears when you imagine life without them. Simply put, love is scary, because it’s realizing that you suddenly put part of yourself into someone else’s hands - your happiness, your faith, your future - and you are just waiting to see if they reciprocate. But when they do, it’s the most amazing thing you could ever experience, knowing that you have someone there for you no matter what, who will stand by you when you are happy, sad, angry, depressed, silly, weird, ugly, pretty, sick, rich, poor, whatever.

So yes, anon, it is very scary, but can be incredibly rewarding. And I’d say if you feel like you can’t imagine your life without them, and they make you feel whole, and you kind of want to rip out your hair, then you’re probably in love :P

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